Water, created by the slaves of Rome.
In the history of the development of water supply systems of Roman aqueducts have a special place. Their extant remains indicate not only the Majesty and power of Ancient Rome,…

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The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior
The idea for the construction of a Grand temple, dedicated to the victory of the Russian people in the Patriotic war of 1812, was born back in those days, when…

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Castle in Montebello the most mysterious place!

Every self-respecting medieval castle should have been known to have its own Ghost or a legend, preferably one from which skin crawl and hair stand on end, — the more mysterious and scarier, the better. But does every Ghost castle can boast that scientists have confirmed the accuracy of the legends and the existence of ghosts? In the castle of Montebello, which is twenty five kilometers from the Rimini inland.

The city name has no relation to the word bello (“beautiful”), although the views from there are wonderful, but comes from the Latin Mons Belli . something like a Military mount (however, the city is said very, very loudly: now there dwells a people three hundred. Continue reading

In the sea of Galilee found a mysterious construction

A giant stone structure discovered at the bottom of the sea of Galilee in Israel (the sea of Galilee and lake Kinneret).

The mysterious object is of conical form, is a pile of unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders, weighs an estimated 60,000 tons, the height is almost 10 m, a diameter of about 70 meters.

For comparison: the outer circle of Stonehenge is halved; the highest of its stones below 10 m.

Apparently, this is a huge tour, that is just a pile of stones. Such structures (much smaller scale, of course) are all over the world and sometimes mark the graves.

For the first time this structure was observed in the summer of 2003 during echolocating shooting South-Western part of the lake. Continue reading

The Cathedral of St. Sophia in Veliky Novgorod

In the history of Orthodoxy in Russia has always been a huge number of significant sites and majestic cathedrals. One of them is St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, which for nearly a thousand years is one of the most important churches not only for the residents of this city, but for the great mass of Orthodox faithful throughout the territory of historical Rus. The magnificence and grandeur of the buildings, like the memorable images from the photo-film that makes you enjoy them again and again, regardless of who and how many times been in Novgorod.

It is believed that the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Veliky Novgorod was built by Prince Vladimir Yaroslavovich, who was the son of Yaroslav the wise. Continue reading