The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior
The idea for the construction of a Grand temple, dedicated to the victory of the Russian people in the Patriotic war of 1812, was born back in those days, when…

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Tour - Monumental-Barcelona (Spain)
Amazing and diverse Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. This specific region is different from the rest of Spain has its own culture and amazing scenic landscapes. But Barcelona is…

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The bridges of antiquity

The first wooden bridges were built across the moat at Nicholas, and the Saviour of the Constantine-Helena gates(this was Bashkatova travel)and through the same ditch (with a width of about 16 m and depth from 4 to 8 meters)excavated in the 16th century by the Eastern wall of China-town. Derevyannye were the first bridges of the rivers Neglinnaya, Yauza.

One of the oldest stone bridges of Moscow,which has been preserved to our time across the river the River,was built of brick,with arched passages and connects the Trinity gates of the Kremlin to the bypass the Barbican Kutafia(bridgehead tower defense).The bridge is notable for the fact that,initially, he had no conventional bearings vodorosli or vaults.Moscow historian I. Zabelin believed that the Trinity bridge of stone was built in 1367г. Now the bridge crosses the Alexandrovsky garden and stand on a dry place. Continue reading

The Grandeur Of The Colosseum

The grandeur of the Colosseum the Colosseum is the most powerful and great architectural work in Rome for many millennia. Before this structure was called the Flavian amphitheatre. In the future, this Grand building called the Coliseum, which meant &ldquo. The Colosseum was optimally functional building and was completed in the form of a four tier ellipse, the length of which reached almost one hundred and ninety meters, a width of about one hundred and sixty meters, and the height was fifty-seven meters. In the early middle ages a strong earthquake led to the partial destruction of the building . That’s the way was looted and destroyed the ancient landmark. Now, this Grand building is very popular with visiting tourists. This allows for a good imagination to mentally reconstruct the original appearance of the unique building and walk through the maze of entering the arena of gladiators, to see the cages of predators and to consider and present an ancient brutal world of the Colosseum behind the scenes. Continue reading

Trypillian culture: where did the mysterious people?

Recently, the European archaeologists have dug up sensation. In Germany, Austria and Slovakia they have unearthed traces of an ancient civilization – a few giant churches. By estimations of experts, the mysterious structures about seven thousand years.

According to the official history, in those times on Earth, there was the Neolithic period. The Egyptians haven’t even thought about the construction of the famous pyramids. Remained millennia before the civilizations of the Sumerians. Have not yet known the wheels of copies and people lived in caves and worshiped fire.

And yet sweetalena culture can not claim the laurels of ancient. The record for the mystery and put the old civilization, born in the Ukrainian land. In General, for a long time the first civilized people were considered as the Sumerians. These ancient gentlemen lived in the third Millennium BC in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Built cities, sculpted jugs, learned to cultivate the land, created the script, it seems, invented the wheel. Continue reading