Gothic art
Gothic – the next stage in the development of medieval art, second pan-European style. The term "Gothic art" coined by Italian humanists to denote everything that is not related to…

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Dome Cathedral.
The first Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Martin in Utrecht was built in the VI century. Where exactly was located in the city's Cathedral, is unknown, and he was quickly destroyed…

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The temples and shrines of Lviv

Lions cannot be imagined without the majestic temples, they are present at all calling photos of the city are its main attractions.

During the tour You will visit the three main centres of the believers of Ukraine: Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Armenians:

– The main Catholic Church of Ukraine – Latin Cathedra of St. Mary, the only Gothic Church in Ukraine, which has been preserved from the XIV century until now;

– The main Armenian Church of Ukraine built in 1363, whose architecture combines the styles of ancient, Roman Gothic and traditional Armenian construction;

– The main Church of the Greek Catholics in Ukraine – the Church of St. George, the XVIII century one of the most remarkable monuments of art not only in Ukraine but throughout Europe, the pearl of Ukrainian architecture, the main Shrine of the Greek-Catholic Church;

But you will also see the most interesting temple complexes in Lviv:

Dominican monastery with the temple of God the Body is one of the most significant monuments of Baroque architecture in the city. The first Foundation stone of this majestic building was laid by józef Potocki, the great crown Hetman. In order to make the emphasis on “Dominican” the origin of the temple, its facade was placed the coat of arms of the Dominican order– book lying on the dog with a burning torch in his mouth;

Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, founded in 1360, is the only Gothic landmark of the ancient city, the first stone in the Foundation of the Shrine was laid by Polish king Casimir the Great;

The ensemble of assumption Church is the model of perfection of the Renaissance architecture of Lviv, a leading Orthodox Church of Ukraine XVI – XVII century. The destination is in the Metropolitan of Kyiv Petro Mohyla. First stauropegion brotherhood of the medieval Church of Ukraine;

The Church of the Intercession of the blessed virgin Mary, formerly the Church of St. Nicholas, built in 1739-1745, and until 1785 belonged to the monastic order of Trinitarians.

Bernardine monastery-fortress (1630);

Benedictine nunnery;

Jesuit Church – the first Church in Lviv, built in Baroque style (1630 p);

The burial chapel of the Lviv patrician XVII century the Boim and Kampians;

The tour lasts 3 hours.

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