The bridges of antiquity
The first wooden bridges were built across the moat at Nicholas, and the Saviour of the Constantine-Helena gates(this was Bashkatova travel)and through the same ditch (with a width of about…

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On the hills of one of the British counties grew mysterious constructions made of metal
Huge harmonica for wind mounted on the top of the hill in one of the British counties. The design is so ingenious that wherever the muzzle, in the area is…

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Ancient fortresses around Kiev

We invite you to tour surrounding Kyiv fortresses – once a large and mighty cities, each of which is canonized in the history of Russia. Vyshgorod, Belogorodka (Belgorod) and cornflowers – each of them keeps the ancient architectural monuments. The tour will tell not only of the Slavic fortresses, but also of more ancient times, when in the vicinity of present Ukrainian capital was located Scythian settlement.

Vyshgorod . Northern suburb of the capital of Ukraine, in fact, its satellite town, the upper town is a unique historic aura of the city. Age of Kiev, the residence of the most famous monarchs of Kievan Rus, the place of concealment of the relics of the first Russian saints, a hero of war battles and the witness of the era of industrialization – all Vyshhorod.

Here lived the Baptist of Russia Vladimir, here wrote his laws of the great Yaroslav the Wise, here were buried the first Russian saints Boris and Gleb. The area of the fortifications of the old Fort is more than 4 hectares . On them stands the temple of Boris and Gleb . restored after the bombing in 1943. the city is only in the Kyiv region Museum pottery .

Belogorodka . One of the largest settlements in the vicinity of Kiev. Its area reaches 100 ha. There are remains of stone temples. Burial times Kievrussia, hence the “has gone from” Russian archaeology. In the shafts of the ancient city today is one of the most popular defense facilities “Stalin line” — ” adit “, which was filmed first Ukrainian horror film of the same name.

Cornflower . An ancient city in the Kiev region was established in the year of the baptism of Rus (988). The once important fortress, protecting the southern approaches to Kiev, after the beginning of the Russo-Polish war – a border town on the border with the Catholic world. Visit to majestic Cathedral Anthony and Theodosius (1750) built by the author of the bell tower Pechersk Lavra – Stepan Conirol. Here was born the founder of the monastery of Theodosius of Pechersk. The well of St. Feodosia, Nikolaev, Christmas Church, Scythian burial mounds, the building of the office of the Chernigov regiment. The city became the center of the southern Decembrist uprising in January 1826 – the largest armed uprising in the tsarist Empire of the nineteenth article .

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