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On Earth find gigantic structure

MIGDAL, ISRAEL – SEPTEMBER 13: A large elaborately-carved stone sits where it was found during excavations of a recently uncovered Jewish synagogue on September 13, 2009 at Migdal on the north-western end of the Sea of Galilee in northern Israel. The synagogue, dated to the 2nd Temple period (50BC – 100AD) is one of the oldest ever found, and was unearthed at the town Christians believe to be the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, a leading follower of Jesus. The stone depicts the menorah, a seven-branched candelabrum, from the Jewish Second Temple, which was destroyed in 70 AD during the Roman siege of Jerusalem. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

Mysterious giant stone structure discovered by scientists in the middle East. Thousands of characters similar to famous drawings in the Nazca desert in Peru, stretching from Syria to Saudi Arabia. To see them whole and to assess the extent only from the air.

Ancient structures of stones, called geoglyphs, were first discovered thanks to the latest satellite mapping technology in Jordan.

According to David Kennedy from the University of Western Australia, in Jordan more than in the whole valley of Nazca. “Besides, they cover a much larger area and, apparently, much older,” the scientist said, noting that these geoglyphs at least 2 thousand years.

All buildings have a common design in the form of a circle with spokes, so they are called “wheels”. However, in the parts of the circles having a diameter of from 24 to 70 m, noticeably different.

The wheels are composed of diamond-shaped structures, small stone pyramids and randomly distributed low walls. Some buildings stand alone and others are grouped. In addition, in Saudi Arabia researchers have found a pentagonal design, as well as “wheels” with only two “spokes”.

To determine the purpose of structures is extremely difficult, since neither of them not yet excavated. Pervonachalnogo suggested that they may be the remains of houses and cemeteries. However, Kennedy believes that none of these explanations are true. “It is possible that in this region there was a cult in which it was necessary to create a round design,” he says. Some of the “geoglyphs” can be ancient cemeteries, he said.

Intended to be a “wheels” close to the pictures in the Nazca desert, the researchers said. “If we consider the stone circles as worship places of ancestors, or places for rituals connected with astronomical events or the change of the season, they could perform the same function as the geoglyphs of South America. Despite differences in design,” says Amelia Sparavigna from the University of Turin.

We will remind, the first similar structures that represent geometric shapes and images of animals, lined with stones on the high plains, only found in Peru. The length of some lines is 12 km away, while the area of certain figures up to several hundred meters. Open these images in 1980 led to the invasion in Peru UFO hunters, who believed the giant figures of the means of communication with extraterrestrial civilizations. Scientists, in turn, have conducted numerous investigations that enabled them to recognize the geoglyphs on the Nazca plateau part of religious culture. They were created during the abrupt climate change in the area that led to the adoption of the cult of water and fertility.

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