The restoration of the old plot
Continuing the theme of the arrangement of a garden plot let's talk about the restoration of the old plot . that is the one that you got in the inheritance…

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Gothic architecture
The Windows were inserted colored glass, depicting saints and scenes from sacred history, legends, emblems and patterns. Glasses these kind of mosaic, made of carved according to the requirements of…

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The ancient history of mankind

The oldest stories on Earth tell us that humanity originated in one place and settled on the planet after happy lost his ancestral home. Different cultures call it differently: Hellenistic biblical Paradise or Eden. Modern scientists arguing about where was the first center of civilization, from stretched filaments of consanguinity linking the most remote peoples. Called Central Africa, and even Asia. To The Extreme North. However, in the main, researchers agree that the culture of antiquity is similar to the flames, as if blown by the wind to different parts of the Earth from one fire.

The main part of time in history every civilization has focused its attention on the development of certain areas of culture. So, the Romans created the most perfect law, which formed the basis of modern law. None of the administrative apparatus in the world could not compete with the extensive bureaucratic hierarchy of China. For a long time, astronomical calculations of the Maya had no equal among the peoples of the Old world. The nomadic tribes of the great steppe has created an outstanding movement system, allowing in the shortest possible time to throw masses of people and livestock over long distances. No civilization has tried to cover all areas of life at once. But it was not always so. Most ancient cultures dabbled in many OBLASTNOJ irrigation and smelting the ore to a military conquest and the construction of cyclopean structures. Only gradually, under the influence of the specific natural and historical circumstances have determined the ones which later had its greatest development. Special talent each civilization led to the choice of values and direction of development. For centuries, kingdoms and empires were collapsing, the tribes had migrated, spreading the achievements of its culture over vast distances and sharing them with new neighbors. At different stages of development the main trend of progress could be, or upholding traditions, or thrust to absorb something new.

The desire to share achievements, to complement each other, “in the blood” of all civilizations precisely because they come from the same root. And eventually move to the Symphony, if only it is achievable not at the expense of abandoning traditional values developed over centuries. Ideally, each culture adjusts itself need updating, while seeking to avoid losing its uniqueness. However, this ideal is not always available, and the declared values of different cultures may oppose each other. Because of that, and it is useful to recall a General principle that unites humanity in the days of his childhood.

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