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Cathedral of Milan

Grandiose and carefully designed Gothic Cathedral on the main square of Milan, Duomo di Milano, or simply Milan Cathedral — one of the most famous buildings in Europe. This is one of the biggest Gothic, and the second largest Catholic Cathedral in the world.

As often happens, the Milan Cathedral was built on the place where before him for several centuries has housed two of the Basilica. In 1075 year they were both destroyed by fire, in their place, it was decided to build the Duomo

The work has just begun in 1386, work continued for several centuries. The main spire was topped in 1762 with a statue of the Madonna, which was devoted to construction. The main volume of construction works was largely completed in 1880

In the last few years Milan Cathedral capital was reconstructed. The works were completed in 2009, and updated the facade appeared in all its glory. The Duomo of Milan is the second-capacity Catholic Cathedral in the world, only Seville Cathedral is larger. The length of the Cathedral is 157 meters, it can comfortably accommodate 40,000 people

Directly above the altar of the Cathedral is a nail that is claimed was brought from the crucifixion of Christ. The most important attraction inside the Cathedral and in the heart of every Milanese — the Golden statue of Milan’s patron Saint Madonna. Well, the review from the roof of the building — velikolepnyi the city. On the top of the Cathedral you can climb a special ladder against the North wall of the temple or in a special lift

The Milan Cathedral attractions include the mausoleum of Gian Giacomo Medici, the wooden choir, Egyptian bath IV used as a baptismal font. Also impressive is the statue of the Martyr of St. Bartholomew, with whom flayed alive. The first six Windows of the right nave wall covered with stained-glass Windows of the XV century — the oldest in this Basilica

Like many other Gothic cathedrals, Milan Cathedral ogromnym embellished with numerous sculptures. Most of them are very remarkable: for example, female figures on the Central balcony of the facade are considered to be the prototype of the new yorkstate Freedom

Among the sculptures of the Cathedral looks amazing statue of the Grand Duke of Kiev Vladimir Monomakh. The Duomo is famous for its stained glass Windows, created several centuries. The most ancient of them more than 500 years, and the last one was founded in 1988. Outstanding authorities of the Cathedral consists of 13 200 180 pipes and registers

Exceptional materials, white marble and trim details, along with a mysterious pink light inside the building make the Cathedral a special charm. Milan Cathedral can be safely called the Acme of perfection of the Italian Gothic.

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