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Tour – Monumental-Barcelona (Spain)

Amazing and diverse Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia. This specific region is different from the rest of Spain has its own culture and amazing scenic landscapes. But Barcelona is a city so original, that even in the Catalonia’t find the other city. Their appearance, which so distinguishes the city from other, Barcelona are indebted to the genius of the architect Gaudi, which has completely transformed it, creating its fabulous buildings.

General information

The history of Barcelona is very ancient, and according to one legend, this city of ancient Rome – the eternal city. It is believed that it was founded by one of the greatest heroes of antiquity, Hercules. And on the second version of Barcelona was rebuilt by the Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca, who was the father of the famous Hannibal.

Now Barcelona, after centuries of turbulent history, is the second largest city by population in Spain. But its modern look Barcelona acquired thanks to the genius of Antonio Gaudi. His monumental creations have become symbols of the city, and the most famous building is the Gothic Cathedral La Sagrada Familia is under construction still.

However, in addition to the world famous creations of the genius of the architect, has preserved the historical part of the city known as Goticheskie. This is the oldest place of the city, which has preserved many architectural monuments, and even the remains of ancient Roman buildings.

To fully explore the city, one day is not enough. However, if an excursion purchased on the coast, exploring this amazing place continues throughout the day. During this time the tourists to visit the most famous creations of Antonio Gaudi – Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Walk through the old Gothic quarter and climb up to Tibidabo mountain, where, according to local legend, Satan tempted Christ.

If the tour goes from the coast of Catalonia, as the vehicle will be comfortable tourist bus. This trip will be interesting for all, because it is difficult to find such a city. Its amazing architecture and special atmosphere will be enjoyed by everyone, because to get bored here will be very difficult.

Description of attractions, museums, a brief historical background

For many centuries formed the architectural appearance of Barcelona. Remained here built in Roman times. Very interesting Gothic quarter, which has preserved its medieval buildings and burial. But the true symbol of modern Barcelona, considered to be architectural works of Antoni gaudí, especially the magnificent Cathedral of the Holy Family, known as Sagrada Familia.

Going on a tour of Barcelona, you can not go past this magnificent temple, more like a huge coral reef, rather than the Church. This work became the main project of Gaudi, on which the architect worked my whole life. However, the temple was never finished, being the most famous long-term construction of peace. The official date of completion of the Cathedral called the year 2030, although in 2010 the Sagrada Familia was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI.

The temple itself was founded in 1882. The project was led by architect del Villar, who saw a future temple in the form of a Catholic cross in neo-Gothic style. However, because of disagreements, the architect left the project. Customers in its place has a prospective architect Antonio Gaudi, who was only 31 years old.

This Cathedral he built all his life, and after his death the work was continued on the basis of sketches and notes left by the architect. Eventually the temple was built in the shape of a cross. Modern architects try not to deviate from the style of the great gaudí, completing this unique building.

Another famous creation of the great architect is Park Guell. His story begins in 1901, when England returned entrepreneur eusebi güell. He thought about creating extraordinary Park, which was supposed to be a country residence. According to his plan the Park was to integrate the garden and a residential village. But to realize such an ambitious project could only Antoni gaudí, with his amazing imagination and vision of the world.

The village was located outside the city, but currently this is practically the center of Barcelona. This project still has not been implemented, but, despite this, Park Guell became a real work of art. To get to this fabulous place through the main gate with witness marks that seem incredible backdrop to any movie. And behind them are amazingly fabulous houses that look more like sculptures than an architectural creation.

It also houses the famous mosaic Salamander is the most favorite character Gaudi. And on the upper terrace is a long curved bench in the form of a sea serpent. another famous place here is located the “Hall of a hundred columns”. It has very good acoustics, so often used by musicians. The Park is a house-Museum of Antonio Gaudi. By the way during the life of the lodges in the Park güell is not sold out, so here was living Guell and Gaudi. And after their death, the Park became a Museum under the open sky.

The next place that you should visit is the Gothic quarter. It is situated between the Ramblas and Barcelona port. Its narrow streets lead to the center, to the Church of Saint Eulalia. This temple is the main temple of the diocese of Barcelona, not the world-famous Sagrada Familia. This temple was built over two hundred years, with the characteristic of the Spaniards slowly. Only in 1892 was completed neo-Gothic facade of the Cathedral. Near him every Saturday and Sunday, the residents of Barcelona dancing the Sardana – Catalan folk dance.

Another interesting structure in the Gothic quarter is the house of the Archdeacon. It was built on the fortifications. Not less interesting is the Archbishop’s Palace, built in the XVIII century. In its architecture there are remains of Roman arcades. However a very interesting facade of the Palace, which was designed by Pablo Picasso. Thus, in this ancient quarter are specimens of modern architecture.

Certainly worth a stroll along the Ramblas. It was designed on the model of the boulevards is the most famous street in Spain. This alley stretches for 1180 meters from plaça Catalunya to the Christopher Columbus monument. There is a large number of souvenir shops, flower stalls, cafes and restaurants. There is also a lot of street artists, and the Palace Palau de La Viren hold city-wide exhibition.

And lastly, you can go to Tibidabo mountain. This gibberish is actually a Latin word, which translated means “you give”. This is exactly the way Satan tempted Christ by showing him all the beauty of this world. This is the highest point of Barcelona and it offers a beautiful view of the entire city. Here are the TV tower, a beautiful Park, a Museum of mechanical toys. Top of the mountain Expiatory temple of the sacred Heart, whose dome is crowned by a statue of Jesus Christ. This temple is visible from practically every point of Barcelona.

To get to the mountain is possible via well-known tourist route “the Blue tram, the funicular Tibidabo”. And from the observation platform of the Park you have a splendid view of Barcelona and to admire the amazing architecture of this city.

What to take to the road

Planning a trip to Barcelona, you should care about comfortable shoes and clothes, as have long walks around the city. In the summer should have brought sunscreen. We can take bottled water. Must take photo and video, because Barcelona is such a unique city that you can make the most amazing pictures that will preserve the memory of visiting this city.

Possible additional costs for Museum tickets, Souvenirs, gratuities

A worth having some money on expenses, especially if you have plans to visit museums in Barcelona. According to information from the end of October 2013 the entrance to Park Guell will be paid. Walk along the Ramblas, includes visits to numerous souvenir shops, so it is necessary to plan in advance these expenses. During the excursion you will have the opportunity to dine at one of the local restaurants. If you want you can leave a tip, which make up 10% of the order value.

Preparing for the trip

If departure to Barcelona comes from the coast in the morning is to agree in advance with the hotel for an early Breakfast or dry rations. The same applies to a late dinner, if scheduled late return. While in Barcelona you can eat, just in case you can even take a full lunch, especially if the trip will be children.

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