The most mysterious structures on Earth
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Underground architectural construction in Russia: review and experience inventory
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Famous Catholic churches of Ukraine

Despite the fact that Ukraine is mostly an Orthodox country, digging deeper, you can see that its Catholic heritage and not so poor. In Ukraine there are more than 800 churches, which divided between the six Catholic dioceses, namely: Lutsk, Mukachevo, Kamyanets-Podilsky, Kyiv-Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and Zaporizhia and Odessa-Simferopol.

The word “Church” comes from the Polish castellum (strengthening). In Ukrainian, Polish, Belarusian, Slovak, and Silesian languages (Polish-Czech dialect) the word “Church” means a Christian Church, but is not used in Orthodox and Greek Catholic churches. In Czech language word used in respect to churches of all Christian denominations.

St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral, Kiev

Nicholas Church – one of the creations of the famous architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. Many Ukrainians consider it the most beautiful Church in the country. During its construction, Gorodetsky first applied the Foundation on concrete piles and structures used reinforced concrete — new construction material. The construction of the Church lasted for almost 10 years, it was decorated with numerous murals and stained glass, 4 dozen,Colorado our days has been preserved. In 1933, when the clergy were subjected to repression, the Church was looted and it was used as a warehouse. In 1943, during the war the Church was badly damaged by shelling and burning. After the war the Church was altered under the needs of state archives and the KGB set the equipment to listen to the phone. In 1978 it was converted into a House of organ and chamber music. Since 1992 the Church resumed regular worship, but the building itself, included in the list of facilities not subject to return religious associations belongs to the state.

Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, Kharkov

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the main Church harkovo-Zaporizhia diocese. The building was built in 1892, it is built in Basilica style, and inside there is a 110-year-old organ from Bavaria. In 1940 the building was transferred to the theatre. During the Nazi occupation in the Church began to hold services, which did not cease after the liberation of the city, but in 1945 the Cathedral was closed again and converted under the base distribution. In the years of perestroika Catholics began to demand the return of the Cathedral to spend on his steps worship. They managed to bring back the temple only in 2000, but some of his values is still in the museums.

The Church Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary, Stry

This temple is one of the few that have not closed by Soviet authorities. The first Church on this spot was built of wood in 1425, and was completely destroyed by fire in 1604. Thanks to the generous donations it was rebuilt, but in 1827, when a fire destroyed the half of stry, the Church once again partially burned. Another fire occurred in 1886 and destroyed everything inside the building including the roof and body. In spite of numerous fires, the temple has survived to the present day. After the annexation of Western Ukraine to the USSR in the Church service continued, and in 1967 in it was filmed the Russian film “the Major the Whirlwind”.

The Church Of Saint Martin, Mukachevo

This temple is the Cathedral Mukachevsky diocese. The building was built in 1904 on the site of an old Gothic Cathedral, which preserved the chapel of St. Joseph with medieval paintings and tombstones. The old Cathedral was demolished of necessity, because for 5 centuries, it became dilapidated. Surviving chapel in the fourteenth century and is among the most ancient religious monuments of Transcarpathia. Since 1913 the walls of the Church is the body of work of outstanding Austrian artists — brothers Rieger. The Church named after the patron Saint of Mukachevo — St. Martin, who is also depicted on the city arms. According to the legend, Martin shared his cloak with a beggar, who was Jesus Christ.

Cathedral of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, Odessa

The temple belongs to the Odesa-Simferopol diocese, was founded just 10 years ago, after separation from the structure of the Kamenets diocese. Legendary Duke de Richelieu in 1805, gave to the Catholics a neighborhood of Odessa for the construction of the Church. The temple is built in a mixed Romanesque-Gothic style and is shaped like a Latin cross. In 1935 the Communists closed the Cathedral and made it a Bulgarian-German team, and then handed over the building to a local history Museum. During the Romanian occupation of the temple resumes, but in 1949 closed down again and barbarously destroyed: demolished columns, marble floor and beats the altar, changing the shape of its Gothic Windows. Unrecognizable in the building are placed the exhibition of Odessa region, and some time sports complex. Only in 1991, the authorities returned the Church to the Catholics, it resumes the mass, and the appearance of his face was gradually restored.

Cathedral of the apostles Peter and Paul, Kamyanets-Podilsky

Probably founded in the 1502-1517 years, the Church is the main Church of the Kamenets-Podolsk diocese. The building has a triumphal arch, and the minaret, which is unique and unprecedented example of a combination of Christianity and Islam in Ukraine. The height is 36.5 m. it appeared in the period of Ottoman rule (1672-1699). When he returned, the poles decided to use the minaret as a pedestal for the statue of the virgin. The triumphal gate was made in 1781 for the visit of king stanisław August. There is a belief that hidden underneath wish.

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