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Gothic cathedrals: Cathedral of St. Vitus Cathedral and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna

I’m not an architect and don’t know many details, but in this article I will try to convey their impressions of Gothic architecture on the example of two cathedrals. It is with the Cathedral of St. Vitus and Stefan began my acquaintance with the Gothic.

Gothic replaced the classical (Roman) architecture. At first she was treated with disdain and where did the word Gothic (with Italian language Gotica translated as unusual or barbaric). But gradually this trend in architecture was gaining popularity. The oldest Gothic Church is the Notre Dame Cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris).

The main difference from Gothic classics is the use of the frame, where the entire structure is kept for special support, which, firstly, has ceased to be a part of the wall of the building, and secondly, are lighter than the massive columns of the Romanesque style. This design allowed us to increase the size of the building, especially in height. To Gothic the tallest building in the world remained for millennia the Egyptian pyramids, then the pyramids but lost the palm, losing her European churches. Actually, Gothic became associated with the gloomy grandeur. If servicelatency the Church with the Orthodox, he would look more sinister and gloomy than bright and vibrant temple with our domes.

But to achieve greatness is a complicated matter. Gothic churches has become protracted. Builders quickly erected the altar of the Church where you can worship, and then made a temporary roof and the facade, which slowly molded conceived greatness. The Church of St. Vitus was in construction for about 600 years. It was started in 1344 and finished in 1929, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, built faster, for 150 years.

Gothic became widespread in Catholic Europe: France, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic. In other countries the Gothic style penetrated, but mixed with the local traditions. The development of Gothic architecture is the development and construction business. For building needed a lot of stone, wood and iron. And in less developed countries the simultaneous fulfillment of all conditions has not worked.

St. Vitus Cathedral is located in the courtyard of the presidential Palace in Hradcany. The entrance to the temple is shareware. You can see the decoration of the temple, but in some internal construction entrance by ticket only. To take photographs in the Church as much as anything, if only not to disturb anyone. Prohibited only the use of flares. It worked for us.

The people in the temple were crowded with a lot. Even as we entered inside, we had to stand in a small queue. On the photo you can see the frame system of Gothic architecture. This type of arch is called hexagonal interlocking ribs. Namely, these structures and holds the entire temple.

View of the altar. This part of the temple was built in the first place. Simple tourists the entrance there is closed, because this part of the Cathedral meant for worship. Every Sunday it plays organ music and conducted the service. We because of laziness not come here, just get tired by Sunday.

To the design of the stained glass responsibly, as in the Gothic temple every meter of space should be graceful and majestic, and the window opening is no exception.

The Church also presented composition on a religious theme such as the birth of Christ in Bethlehem.

The temple is situated in the courtyard of the presidential Palace and take pictures of it from below is extremely difficult. All the best photos of the Cathedral that is on the Internet, taken from a helicopter or quadracopter. For example, the facade of the temple is twenty meters away from the Palace and the crowd hanging over the majestic bulk that people have to lift my head up high.

The left side of the temple was built relatively recently, and right – in the middle ages. It is noticeable to the naked eye, where the ancient part of the Cathedral already has darkened over the centuries, and became, so to speak, “Gothic”. It is a gloomy grandeur in humans is associated with something dark and mysterious. In the movie, when I imagine Dracula’s castle, the artists reproduce exactly Gothic castle, dark, stately, with sharp spikes and edges. As if castle wants to reach, and what distinguishes it from others.

Stefandom – is the symbol of Vienna and one of the most famous Gothic churches. He, like the Prague Cathedral, you’ll be in a small area, towering over all buildings in the district.

This temple is located on a normal square, so completely occupied the shark tourism business. Horses ready to take you anywhere (as applicable) in the surrounding area, already waiting for their turn, and in the evening near the entrance to the temple already strolling mummers counts and Dukes and emperors.

The temple is just superbly decorated, both outside and inside. I want to note that the greater was the Royal dynasty, the grander they wanted to gash the temple. The Habsburgs were the most powerful dynasty in the world at the time

As in the St. Vitus Cathedral, there is an organ that plays on Sundays during the service.

For five euros you can climb the tower. Waiting for you 84 meters up the narrow spiral staircase, without Elevator. I must say, for those who are not physically prepared – it will not be easy. The tower offers views of the entire city

Of special interest are the inscriptions on the walls left over from the Second world war. Soldiers from different countries, including from the Soviet Union was your “Vasya was here” for centuries. The Germans not to restore the wall and left all the inscriptions for posterity.

The gloomy grandeur of the Gothic on me made a lasting impression. Even the pictures in the Church were turned out in the same style – cold and dark ages.

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