The interior of Reims Cathedral
Gothic architecture — the period of development of Western European and Central European architecture, appropriate Mature and late middle Ages (late twelfth to early sixteenth century). Gothic architecture replaced the…

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Castle in Montebello the most mysterious place!
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Mysterious and mystical places of the Crimea

On the territory of Ukraine is the Crimea Peninsula. Once he was considered all-Union health resort and a large number of tourists visited the Peninsula, but few of them knew about the abnormal places of this Peninsula. Mysterious places can be found in many corners of this amazing Peninsula. This Cape Meganom, the valley of the Ghosts – Dimerdzhi, Cape Aya, “Bear mountain” Ayu-Dag, “the Crimean Alantica” – the New world, the extinct volcano Kara-Dag, Crimean Stonehenge, numerous canyons and caves. This list can be continued indefinitely. But let’s look at some of the most interesting of them.

Among the most mysterious places include the Cape Meganom . located near the town of Sudak. If you go on a hot air balloon or helicopter, that on the grass you can see the large ring. Surprising is the fact that if the rings start to fade, it is possible to get inside this ring is almost impossible. Some time later, ring again, feeling the glow, this phenomenon is noticeable especially at night, and then inside the ring you can easily enter.

Cape Aya . He is considered the most fertile place of the Peninsula. In this place the purest air filled with the scent of herbs, and the earth itself emits a warm updrafts orange. People with heart and lung diseases can get here from their ailments.

Ayu-Dag (Bear mountain). unlike Cape Aya, is quite a mystical place that has abnormal energy. Day this Cape attracts a lot of tourists, but at night it turns into the “hall of Neptune”. Before the people visions of mermaids, with the fiery hair who leads the dances, heard the ringing laughter and lingering song. Whatever it was, but a large number of people, for some reason, getting up in the night, terrified by these visions.

Crimean “Stonehenge” . In the village spring in Crimea mystical stones are popularly called Crimean stonhedge. Still cannot understand who and why had built this structure. The word is the one who touches the stones must feel coming from them cold, even if the real heat.

Another pretty mysterious place in Crimea is a cave Ene-Fat . Legends say that in these caves, located near the village Perevalnoe, old brand made bloody sacrifices to their gods. Many tourists claim that they have also seen a lot of ghosts.

Alimova Balka represents a very beautiful gorge with amazing scenery and sheer cliffs. It is a mysterious place especially like the shamans and the sorcerers. They say that they drew spiritual strength. It is a surprising fact that in alimovoj to a beam always lost tourists, which after a while are tired and scared, after a long travel near the same place.

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