The tallest skyscraper in the world
The “tower of Khalifa” (Burj Khalifa, Burj Khalifa ; previously - “Burj Dubai” (Burj Dubai), or “Dubai tower”) is the tallest skyscraper in the world . the height of 828…

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What is archaeology and why is it necessary?
The word "archaeology" of Greek origin, like the origin of the names of many other Sciences (history, geography, Geology). It consists of two words - arhayos (ancient) and -logos (word,…

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The Underground Reich

It was one of the largest, most ambitious and incredible projects in the history of mankind, Architects, engineers and various experts from design engineering Bureau of the Third Reich in 1944, started construction of a special extensive system of fairly large underground structures both in Germany and in all occupied countries. I must say that these structures were reliably cover many of the German factories, plants from impacts and turn a special laboratory. By the way, the specialists had to create new types of weapons in a very difficult underground fortress.

Thousands of forced laborers, concentration camp inmates in inhumane conditions to irrecoverable days of the second world war worked to lay many kilometers of labyrinths, which were supposed to ensure smooth operation of the war machine of the Nazis.

Underground shelter of Hitler and the latest jet planes, V-2 rocket and super gun store looted of priceless treasures in Europe – here is the detailed part is not yet known until the end of the world underground Reich. About it it is told in this wonderful documentary.


At the end of world war winners found throughout Germany large unfinished tunnel system. It should be said that Hitler wanted to build about 800 such underground complexes in order to try to keep afloat the entire German military industry. Such was invulnerable to bombing the underground factories of the Third Reich is one of the biggest projects in the history of mankind.

Different giant underground factories were continuous to provide Germany with brand new weapons. Then the allies tried to destroy them, including the special Alpine Hitler’s bunker. It should be noted that whole sections of the system in different tunnels remain unexplored.

Underground organization of the Third Reich was a measure which contributed to the protection of important for the war of the companies from destruction during the air raids of the allies. Of course, all the measures could not become the final solution of the question, because with the introduction of bomber aircraft Germany was to attack access. This forced to look for other opportunities in the transfer of its production underground. For the solution of important problems of labour used the labour of prisoners, which have repeatedly shown in the historical films .

It is worth saying that the massive bombing of the German aircraft industrial facilities, settlements inflicted enormous material damage. During the war, destroyed houses in Germany had 2.25 million. The amount of clastic material was 400 million cubic meters.

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