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Barbarians: ancient samarians dismantle the mounds to decorate the house

Iconic stone buildings transported by Trucks, thus destroying the ancient Slavic churches preserved in the territory of the Samara region. Architectural monuments of more than 5 thousand years, and each one can tell a lot about the history and rituals of their ancestors.

“Take a ton”

Samara writer, Slavist and ethnographer Yevgeny Bazhanov few years on documentaries about Rosso-Aryan constructions. Civilization our ancestors had thousands of years ago, the rock paintings and stone temples miraculously survived in our days, says the ethnographer. He accompanies us to place it in the vicinity of the village of Chapaevo in the Krasnoyarsk region.

“Look, again, someone takes away the structures of the ancient Slavs, — says Evgeny. — People don’t even realize what damage they cause to natural architecture”.

Straight into the woods across the field people laminated on the machines clearing. Steal sand, thus destroying the historic hills of the Slavs.

“Apparently, there is a permanent “disaster” architectural stone structures — outraged local historian. — Look how dug in the black earth hill, kotoryiy built to a height of about five meters. The stone arch, showing boundary structures”.

Near the monument is a lake at the bottom of which is a year-round spring are hitting the keys. “Not just the Slavs in these places built temples to refer to the Holy Gods,” says Yevgeny Bazhanov.

Stone “the arrows of Perun” is located on the perimeter of the temple of the ancient Slavic God. It is for him to determine the correct side of the horizon. The amazing thing is that this structure called the Temple of the Seven Gates, the stones laid in the shape of a heptagon, oriented to the cardinal.

At the temple we found an unusual pyramid. Small, regular shape.

“The pyramids are the iconic symbol of the Slavic peoples, — says local historian Bazhanov. — Some experts believe that the structures of our ancestors even older Egyptian buildings”.

Unusual ancient Slavic display — the “eyes of God”, known in mythology, the temple of God Horos. Is a huge earthen triangle with a mound in the center, the edge length of which reaches more than 150 meters.

All these structures weigh more than a ton, and there are five, but the plunderers even such a heavy manage to take out from ancient buildings.

One of the first abductees of natural monuments was an amazing artifact to be God’s feet. This stone clearly shows the foot, which was cut improvised means.

“This rare discovery could steal to drive abroad, — says Yevgeny Bazhanov. — There it would be of value. But some time later, I saw this building in the yard of one small entrepreneur in the village of Krasny Yar. But to all my entreaties to return the stone to the place no one is doing anything”.

Playground of ancient stones

Some keep the ancient buildings and honors Slavic ancestors, and someone ruins everything, turning a blind eye to the historical value. In Krasny Yar, at the house small entrepreneur — a whole mountain natural monuments near worth of equipment and unfinished house. It is noticeable that the stones, which weigh over a ton, brought by special cars — most likely, they will be used for further construction.

“Why buy material for construction, when you can save? — says Yevgeny Bazhanov. — Has left the territory of the village and hauled all the ancient stones, destroying the monuments of history”.

On the other side of the house is a Playground lined with ancient architectural structures. To raise them manually is impossible, but the technique cope. And this is not the only house in the village where the yard is decorated with natural stones of architecture.

“Where I’ve asked for help to save all the monuments of nature, — with tears in his eyes says Yevgeny Bazhanov. But nobody at the meeting went. The Governor and the President remain silent, while this strange exhibits is used as a building material. Just a shame for the ancestors. Try and do at least one figure or the bowl of the altar, no tool will take. And to destroy such natural beauty is easy!”

Disputes about the stones

However, around the iconic stones debate scientists. Some of the Samara historians are skeptical about the findings Evgeny Bazhanov.

“Such flaws could occur on the stones and the hills as a result of natural effects, says the Professor of history of the Samara pedagogical University Vadim Sergeev . — I have studied these objects and think that there is nothing supernatural in them is not. And the fact that people use them as a building material, is not a crime. Since time immemorial natural materials have been used for the construction of dwellings”.

Other scientists support Eugene Bazhanov and believe the stones are the most valuable monuments of architecture, for which should be addressed.

“This is a serious scientific discovery of ancient objects, — says the rector of the Volga state social-humanitarian Academy Anatoly Semushkin . — These objects confirm the existence in the area of the Volga river ancient civilizations. And it’s unacceptable to touch them. Our ancestors left us important signs, which themselves were guided, and it is an important object for studies of modern historians”.

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