Trench method of construction of underground structures
When the trench method otkatyvaetsya pit and conventional methods the Future is being built underground structure. After completion, the pit is filled with soil. When using this method provides the…

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Newgrange is the oldest religious building in the world
Newgrange – religious building in Ireland, one of the oldest structures on the planet. Built it in such a way that at dawn on the shortest day of the year…

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Underworld. People who live underground

In twentieth century 90 years, the media leaked an interesting information about unusual findings, which found the sinker tunnel under the Tatar Strait in the middle of the century.

In 1950, the USSR Council of Ministers adopted a secret resolution on the construction of the railway that would connect the Sakhalin island with the mainland. Geologists have discovered a Strait strange emptiness, in the light of this information, and was selected for the laying of the future tunnel . Voids the builders turned to the tunnel . which was supposed to run the future railway. During the construction works have repeatedly found an unusual old mechanisms, as well as the remains of creatures of unknown origin. But in order to avoid unnecessary issues and leakage of information, representatives of special services of the USSR quickly took out these findings.

Archival documents, preserved in the Urals, also contain data about the mysterious tunnels . So in 1748 the workers Nevyansky mine was accidentally discovered the entrance to the large tunnel . which is along the Ural ridge moved northwards. This entry was tightly covered by a stone slab. The case immediately reported to the authorities, and soon a special Commission under the direction of engineer Rudolf Schechter went to explore the mine. However, workers discovered mysterious entrance was not nedenlerle a fee, since before there was a significant rock slide in these places.

Foreign sources also contain references about the mysterious structures under the ground . In 1978 in the Argentine Andes near lake Nahuel Huapi, the shepherd was looking for his missing goat and wandered into an unfamiliar gorge. In the rock the man discovered the entrance of the oval shape, which was covered by a large metal door with a strange insignia. When the shepherd opened it, I was blinded by the bright light emanating from the depths of the spacious corridor in the rock. He didn’t dare to look inside mysterious caves . but once told about it the local newspaper.

Tunguska “guest”…from the ground

With the mysteries of the underground world is one mysterious place of Russia – the Bloody meadow . which is located in Krasnoyarsk taiga. In 1908, the local shepherds came across in the forest on a strange clearing . representing a plot of scorched earth in the middle of which was the gaping hole. This is reflected in the surviving documentary materials, and eyewitness accounts from nearby villages – Chamba, Kostino and Karamyshevo.

In the hole constantly got Pets, people say they were drawn there as if some unknown force. The road for grazing cattle quickly moved to a few miles South. And then the sky burst into a disaster that shocked not only the inhabitants of Eastern Siberia, but also all world community and the scientific world, which is still looking for an explanation of the occurred event.

In 1928, a regional specialist at the time. Semenchenko made an attempt to explore a strange hole. He took a long tow rope with a sinker on the end, but although the length of the rope was more than a few tens of meters, to reach the bottom, according to Semenchenko, it failed. Technician said that during the inspection holes, he distinctly heard the unusual sounds that could be heard from under the ground, they were similar to sounds rubbing against each other parts of a large metal mechanism. Heard caused a sharp headache and panic that made Semenchenko haste to leave this place. About this specialist told once to Mr. Stem, who was the Chairman of the kolkhoz “dawn of Bolshevism”.

And in the 80 year Damn clearing began to explore the UFO from Vladivostok, who put forward the paradoxical, at first glance, the assumption that caused colossal power explosion of the Tunguska “guest” did not come from heaven but from the bowels of the planet. He broke the surface of the earth through the mysterious bottomless hole in the scorched clearing .

This hypothesis was subsequently supported by the version of scientists from all-Russian Institute of mineral raw materials, which suggested that the cause of the explosion was not flown in from outer space a meteorite, but powerful burst of energy of unknown origin from deep within the Earth.

Mysterious meetings

N. To. Roerich . the famous Russian traveler and philosopher, in one of his books called “Heart of Asia” described some of the mysterious encounters that have happened to him during his expedition in 1927 to Altai. He met some unusual people from mountain caves . which were used by ancient coins for the calculation. It Is N. To. Roerich later tells that he had a chance to chat with the messenger of the Lord of the whole world, which, according to Roerich . lives in the mysterious Agharti, hidden from the uninitiated in the depths of the Himalayan mountains.

However, residents of the underworld do not always wish to make contact with people. So, near the Putorana plateau (North-West of the Krasnoyarsk territory) is inhabited by peoples of the Nenets and Selkups, who often talk about the unusual creatures, leading nocturnal, and only resemble human beings. The locals called them “sirti”. If to trust local legends, sirti live in underground cities, as they are a deep stone hole in the North-Eastern part of the plateau.

In the Urals in the early twentieth century talked about meetings with “divine” people – the so-called beautiful creatures of small stature, who lived in deep mountain caves . bathed in bright light. According to the legends of the peoples of the Urals, the elected people can sometimes hear “divie” voices that help them to avoid trouble, prompt Deposit of gems or help in search of treasure.

But in these days you can hear stories about encounters with mysterious denizens of the dungeon . Often they border guards, serving in the Altai mountains. In 1992 during the prosecution of the offender border detachment was in the gorge, located on northeast from the village of Argamdzhi. Suddenly the guards saw a creature, a little like a human face and growth with a three year old child. Clothing he served as the animal’s skin. One of the soldiers raised his gun, and then a strange creature instantly disappeared in the hole that was hiding in the bushes.

Vault under the ground

The available facts allow to assume the existence of an extensive underground network of tunnels and even cities that are most likely linked. Recently it became known about a similar underground city under the Turkish village of Derinkuyu . which could hold up to ten thousand inhabitants. Clear opinion on who, why and when built such a massive underground shelter that does not yet exist.

Ufologists, psychics and parapsychologists believe that in our day under the ground hidden some kind of hub stations of point-centres of the underground life . where the largest the main tunnels . Such places are considered Bagong mountain in Tibet, Medveditsky ridge in the Volga region, the Nazca desert in South America, as well as the district of Los Tajos, on the border of Peru and Ecuador. The researchers of the paranormal believe that these points are underground facilities that are in full swing today. Testify, and meeting with strange creatures, and lighting effects, and strange sounds that are associated with entrances to the underground city . as well as the repeated appearance of the caves or from the earth beneath the UFO.

Presumably, the age of underground structures is 10-30 million years old. Perhaps they were created by the representatives of the civilization that preceded human and possessed a fairly high level of development. But numerous planetary catastrophe forced the ancient inhabitants of the Earth to escape from the surface into its depths, where they would probably have adapted to the new conditions and continue to live to this day.

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