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Mysterious China.

On the Google satellite photos, publicly available, discovered a number of enigmatic structures in the Gobi desert in China – giant stripes, circles and something similar to the airfield. Now excited by the opening of the Internet users are wondering about is, what are the cyclopean buildings, captured by satellite, and what they are for.

The first of the discovered objects is one of the most mysterious. This is a large number of huge bands, like the gleam on the metal. Interwoven, they form an intricate pattern in the middle of the desert, writes Gizmodo. Perhaps this design is specially made so that it was visible from space orbit. Similar “grid” found in another place.

After the publication of the first snapshot users quickly gathered a lot of amazing pictures – among them, for example, several large squares, next to which is visible burnt technique.

The third object is thousands of white lines, that form a giant “grid” of about 28 km.

Another fancy building, put in a deadlock of the observers, a mysterious circle spotted in circles “notches” (possibly with ditches). In the center of this structure can be seen three objects, similar in shape to the aircraft.

However, in the Gobi desert there are also more simple objects: for example, in one of the photos shows something resembling the airfield is equipped with runway – however, a saturated blue color.

Bloggers make different assumptions about what is the purpose of the discovered objects. Many observers are inclined to think that all of the above facilities are military facilities. The fact that where they live is on the border of Gansu and Xinjiang are Chinese specialists in military, aerospace and the nuclear sector.

Some of the detected structures are located less than 160 kilometres from Jiuquan, next to which are the spaceport and the space research centre, said the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

British defense expert Tim Ripley compared the structures discovered in China, with top-secret Pentagon database of “Area 51” in Nevada, according to the newspaper The Telegraph. The existence of this military base was officially recognized by the American authorities only in the late 90-ies.

According to media reports, in the “Area 51” there are several hangars that are designed for military vehicles. It was there, according to journalists who tested the latest American fighters. At the base is the world’s longest runway – length of 9.5 kilometers.

According to unconfirmed information, on the territory of the base, the U.S. military can conduct test of chemical weapons is prohibited. In the opinion of conspirologic, in “Area 51” supposedly stored the wreckage of a UFO that crashed with the alien on Board in 1947 in Roswell (new Mexico). It is not excluded, says Tim Ripley, the curious Internet users stumbled upon the Chinese “Area 51”.

In the U.S. there was also a fantastic version that the Chinese are building in the desert full-scale “map” of American cities to prepare for possible strike on him.

There were also guesses that the objects can be used to calibrate Chinese spy satellites. And put forward the hypothesis that the Chinese are using circles and lines trying to get in contact with aliens.

Intrigue fuels that it is almost impossible to tell what they are made of captured from the satellite facilities – maybe they only painted or dug in the desert. Anyway, if you enlarge some of the pictures you can see the planes and burned a truck that is suggestive of a military training range. On one of the images visible damage to the structure of the deposited lines which can indicate that they are for target practice with military objectives, experts say.

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