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Cathedral of Milan
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Castle in Montebello the most mysterious place!

Every self-respecting medieval castle should have been known to have its own Ghost or a legend, preferably one from which skin crawl and hair stand on end, — the more mysterious and scarier, the better. But does every Ghost castle can boast that scientists have confirmed the accuracy of the legends and the existence of ghosts? In the castle of Montebello, which is twenty five kilometers from the Rimini inland.

The city name has no relation to the word bello (“beautiful”), although the views from there are wonderful, but comes from the Latin Mons Belli . something like a Military mount (however, the city is said very, very loudly: now there dwells a people three hundred.

It is easy to guess that the settlement is not new: the first mention of this site belong to the III century BC: there were Roman fortifications. Later, in 1186, the ubiquitous Malatesta has been snatched up by this territory by building a castle and having, therefore, a good idea to gain a foothold on the border with the Montefeltro, their basic and long-standing enemies. During the XIV–XV centuries, the castle changed hands repeatedly: the Malatesta, the Montefeltro, the Malatesta and again, finally, Guidi, to whom he still technically belongs to them. Unlike many other medieval buildings, the castle was not razrushen of the next war and has undergone a small cosmetic repairs.

Every year this tiny town receives a large number of tourists, and in the Museum at the castle lead group tours with guides — of the immediate caretakers of the castle. But what attracts tourists?

The fortress of Montebello is linked heartbreaking legend about Azurina. Briefly the situation was this: Golinucci Malatesta, the then owner of the castle, a daughter of the albino. Because it happened in the FOURTEENTH century, when albinos were considered the spawn of the devil and evil spirits, which relies’re sure to burn at the stake, her poor parents tried to hide this defect the baby Guandalini from others trying to touch up her hair with decoctions of herbs of all sorts. But dyeing albinos hair is hopeless, especially herbs. The special effects were not obtained, except that the hairs of the girl acquired a slightly bluish tint — hence the nickname, derived from the word azzurro (“blue”).

The older she became, the less she was released from the castle, and at some point stopped doing it altogether, because if the hair was to hide under the shawl, milky-white skin and colorless eyebrows-eyelashes — alas. So the girl kept literally locked away, putting her guard, and according to some sources two. As it turned out, in vain.

Once Guendalina, who was about five years old (the exact age is not set) played with a rag ball. He rolled down the stairs to the basement, the girl ran after him. and more it nobody saw. The basement stairs led to nowhere: the entrance to the basement at that time was laid stone wall. What happened to the girl, running up the steps, though steep, but not long stairs, unknown. That night, as it happened on 21 June, there was a terrible thunder showers. All exits from the castle were closed, from the basement or exits, nor Windows were not. The inhabitants of the castle looked everywhere, searched the whole castle and even, dismantling the wall, vainly searched the basement, knowing well the absurdity of these actions. All to no avail: the girl vanished into thin air.

One of the possible versions accuses deeds of the father of the baby, who was removed from her career interests. But the fact remains: neither the body Guandalini or at least anyone the ball could not be found. However, since then, every five years (in years that are multiples of five) in the night of 21 June in the castle are heard strange sounds resembling roaring thunder, footsteps and subtle voice calling my mom.

On this subject the research was conducted, and scientists from the University of Bologna even managed to register these strange sounds coming in the castle in the designated time. During the excursions the fragments of these records give the tourists.

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