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The restoration of the old plot

Continuing the theme of the arrangement of a garden plot let’s talk about the restoration of the old plot . that is the one that you got in the inheritance from former owners. You certainly will want to change everything here, to break and to do it your way. In purchasing the old land has its pros and cons:

the site launched and there are a lot of garbage;

on the plot there are old buildings, which you may not need.


The former owners probably already conducted some ground work: on a plot of cultivated garden, was carried out alignment, cultivation, digging soil, planting of cultural trees and shrubs, perennial, etc.;

the structure on closer examination are not so unnecessary, especially the first time it will be where to spend the night or to store the tools.

Perhaps there is a reservoir, as in our case, is, minus, and plus.

We got exactly such old-old site on which the former owners have not been in over ten years! Imagine what a picture appeared in front of us? The whole plot was overgrown with sedge and weeds in human growth! over the years, grew a lot of weed trees and shrubs,especially willow swamp (plot on former peatlands). Somewhere in the middle of the site (information from neighbors) should have been a pond, but it just wasn’t visible! Everywhere in the grass was scattered with all sorts of trash: because of the fence on the plot, so he brought here all and Sundry(. And to top it off, in the distance stood a rickety old toilet is a cesspool, part-time shed! Was the economy.

But we were lucky. When we finally were able to get rid of debris, weeds and other things, I mean, I saw land, it turned out that the plot is flat (i.e. aligned)! And, that’s a lot! In addition, the neighbors told us that the owners of cultivated land, and here was a large vegetable garden. So earth is dug and can be cultivated! To my great pleasure I found two old black currant Bush, red Bush, gooseberry, and two mA-vermillion Hilo cherry and plum. In General, only after the preparatory work has made possible the planning phase !

So, everything in order. First of all, you need to determine the scope of work:

clear the area of debris

to deal with weeds

disassemble unwanted buildings

to free the land from unnecessary plant

to thin out or update old planting

to improve the quality of the soil

The restoration of the old plot

The waste requires sorting. Some garbage can be burned. Debris such as tin cans, glass, you can bury in the ground. For example, when paving garden paths or the formation of entry sites. So you and sand will require less, and in addition, under them so there is more drainage.

Building debris . remaining from demolished buildings – boards, bricks, etc. may need in the future – during construction, for the Foundation of outbuildings, walls for the compost pit, these materials can also be undesirable to lay the pond. Plant trash – any polegnala logs, branches, felled trees, etc. can participate in the alignment of the soil – the log or branch good to bury in the lowest point of the site and cover with earth. So do many gardeners, and trust me – it works. After all, how many thus saved the land needed for the device beds and leveling the site! So do not rush to throw anything out :).

Weeds – mow (getting rid of the roots, at least in parts). Weed bushes – to cut down and uproot. Here it should be noted that some gardeners are not uprooted stumps, and cut trees and shrubs flush with the ground, so that the whole stump was almost in the ground. This makes some sense, because sooner or later this economy will decompose in the ground. But sometimes it doesn’t work – weeds, especially swamp, as tenacious, that will take years to finally out of the earth ceased to grow new shoots. That is, if you want to sow and grow, for example, the pitch – to uproot a must!

It’s time to build a compost pit! Because there can be already folded all small herbs, cut grass, leaves and small branches. The compost will need for different purposes, for cultivation of the soil, garden beds, fertilizing of trees and shrubs.

The soil it is desirable to get rid of stones, especially in those places where the planned landing.

Yes, and for burning garbage, you will definitely need a metal barrel. Under it need to lay the bricks, and the bottom spread sheet of iron or other incombustible material.

The separated waste plant and the surplus neatly in a pre-designated place. Better if it will be one Playground. Remember: in the cleanup process of the site can clutter it again, throwing waste pile in a heap, then what you have for a long time to devote to the cleaning of the new stuff!

And the last Council for the restoration of the old plot . the soil, free from weeds, rocks and excess plants, it would be nice with something to plant, to permanently displace weeds from your plot. For example, it can be plants-green manure, which at the same time and improve the fertile quality of the soil. As useful trees and shrubs for their recovery will also require a number of activities, but that’s a topic for another article.

So, the site is free! Now finally you can do the planning the construction and start the construction of your house!

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