The Cathedral of St. Sophia in Veliky Novgorod
In the history of Orthodoxy in Russia has always been a huge number of significant sites and majestic cathedrals. One of them is St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, which for…

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Five most mysterious places of Russia
Since ancient times, people have attributed certain localities miraculous properties, granting them with an aura of sacredness or curse. In Russia, too, found a lot of places where there are…

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The most mysterious structures on Earth

On our planet there are enigmatic and mysterious monuments of antiquity, which, although studied by archaeologists and scholars, but still cause a lot of questions and discussions. These monuments are a source of various myths, legends, various hypotheses and theories concerning their history, appearance, purpose for which they were created. Such places on Earth are many, but we will tell you about the most famous and mysterious of all places in the world.

The Sphinx at Giza

The Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza . It may seem incredible, but the statue of the Sphinx is carved from a monolithic rock. To our time it remains a mystery how and who did it. It is also unknown and the date and time of the erection of this magnificent monument. The Sphinx named the greatest monuments in the world. The Egyptian pyramids are rightly called the most ancient wonders of the world that have survived to our time. Same as Sphinx, they are shrouded in mysteries and legends. As you know, pyramids — tombs for pharaohs. The largest and most famous of all the pyramids is the pyramid of Cheops.

Stonehenge. Loco Steve / Foter / CC BY-SA

Stonehenge. This mysterious ancient monument located in England. Stonehenge is an imposing stone structure, consisting of stone blocks (megaliths and trilithons). As scientists assume, the beginning of the creation of this architectural ensemble has approximately 3000 BC. The architectural composition consists of the arches of Stonehenge, accurately indicating all four cardinal directions, the altar stone and two rings, consisting of huge stones. Both the sponsors and the purpose of Stongehenge, is still unknown. Scientists and archaeologists have put forward many diverse versions, but all of them are hard to confirm. So around this ancient monument feel the spirit of mystery and secrecy. In addition, Stonehenge is one of the strongest power places on the planet.

The Tablets Of Georgia. Will Folsom / Foter / CC BY

The Tablets Of Georgia. This statue is not ancient, as was established in 1979. But, nevertheless, shrouded in mystery as any ancient monument. It consists of four granite monolithic slabs with height more than five meters, supported on just one cornice stone. The total weight of the monument is about one hundred tons. All plates are directed in the four directions. They carved the message to descendants in eight languages, guide the survivors of a global catastrophe. The monument repeatedly was exposed to various acts of vandalism.

The goseck circle . It consists of circular ditches surrounded by wooden Palisades (restored later). In certain places, these ditches are the gates through which in some certain days of sunlight. This ancient monument is considered one of the earliest examples of a solar Observatory. But it is still a source of debate among scientists. There are various hypotheses about the use of the Goseck circle, none of which received the exact scientific confirmation.

The Moai monuments on Easter island. Arian Zwegers / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

The Moai monuments on Easter island . Monuments are the Moai — huge statues of people of a height up to twenty meters. They were carved from volcanic rock between 1250 and 1500 BC. As found by the archaeologists, was originally 887 statues, of which 394 have been preserved to our time. The largest of the statues weigh over 70 tons. These monuments are put forward lots of ideas and hypotheses.

The City Of Teotihuacan. Owen Prior / Foter / CC BY-SA

The City Of Teotihuacan . It is close to the capital of Mexico is Mexico city. The name of the city translates as “the place where gods are born”. The ancient city for unknown reasons, was abandoned by the local population. Why this happened remains a mystery still. Amazing ancient pyramids attracted by its beauty for many travelers. But scientists have found that ancient civilizations are versed in astronomy, calendars built of stone, created paintings that were visible only from the air.

Delhi post. brianholsclaw / Foter / CC BY-ND

Delhi post . It is located on the outskirts of Delhi. The pole was made of iron about 1,600 years ago, but during this time is absolutely not exposed to corrosion. Scientists cannot find an explanation to this undeniable fact. In addition, we put forward a variety of hypotheses regarding the method of manufacture of this monument. People in India consider Delhi post the miracle that can fulfill a desire or to cure any illness.

Fortress Saksaywaman. bobistraveling / Foter / CC BY

Fortress Saksaywaman . This fortress was built by the ancient Incas and is a set of walls, built of solid rock blocks, each weighing more than two hundred tons. In our time this ancient monument is in excellent condition, despite its age. It should be noted that scientists still can not decipher how the Incas were able to build structures made of huge stones without bonding material so that even the thinnest sheet of paper will not be able to squeeze between the boulders. Furthermore, it is unclear how people transported these heavy stones.

The Nazca Lines. funkz / Foter / CC BY

The Nazca Lines . Lines and drawings on the dry plateau in the Nazca Desert (Peru), which cover an area of about fifty miles. The creation of these lines have estimated between 200 BC and 700 ad. To see the Nazca lines can either from height or at a certain time of the year with the neighboring mountains. Scientists are surprised that the animals depicted on the Nazca plateau, is not native to the area (e.g., monkey, whale, spider, etc.). Also surprising is the exact reproduction of the anatomical structure of some animals, insects, birds. At that time microscopes were not. Whatever efforts made by scientists to unravel the purpose of these drawings has not yet been anyone.

We presented to your attention is not a complete list of the most mysterious places on our planet. They beckon, call, attract many tourists and travelers. But most of all they are of interest to archaeologists and scientists, so as to unravel their mysteries hard enough to tell exactly, almost impossible.

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