Tour - Monumental-Barcelona (Spain)
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Gothic architecture
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Newgrange is the oldest religious building in the world

Newgrange – religious building in Ireland, one of the oldest structures on the planet. Built it in such a way that at dawn on the shortest day of the year – the winter solstice, the sun’s rays for a very short time illuminate the chamber at the end of a long corridor. Rays enter inside through a narrow slit, and a lucky few manage to see it live

A huge complex of Newgrange was built between 3100 and 2900 BC, that means he’s approximately 5 000 years. And it is more than 500 years older than the Pyramids the Sphinx at Giza and 1000 years older than Stonehenge. In the Neolithic period, Newgrange served as the center for conducting rites and ceremonies. Later to it were added many other sites.

Over time, the complex began to decrease due to subsidence of the embankment, and soon disappeared entirely. This area was used as farmland. In 1688 these lands went into the possession of Charles Campbell. His servants found Newgrange when I was looking for rocks for construction. First, the building seemed to them pasteurisers, but then was discovered a long narrow passage leading to a large room. Workers immediately reported the find to the owner who told antiquary, naturalist and philologist Edward Lugo. In the end Lug Newgrange announced his discovery and called it a tomb, to put it simply a prehistoric grave. Later, many questioned this hypothesis, for example Charles Vallance, considering that it is rather used for rituals and astronomical purposes. In 1983 Martin Brennan published the book “the Stones of Time”, which leads a lot of details that refute the theory of the burial tomb.

Extensive research began in 1962 under the direction of Professor Michael J. O’kelly. Newgrange was excavated and restored, was built around the wall of quartzite and granite to strengthen the embankment. This restoration caused discontent among the archaeological community, critics argue that such technology did not exist when I built this building. Another cause of discontent was the fact that the stones were brought from other regions of the country.

The height of the mound — 13.5 meters, a diameter of 85 meters. 18-meter long corridor leads to the burial room, consisting of upright stone monoliths weighing from 20 to 40 tons. The location of the burial chamber looks like Stonehenge, only made of stone, the roof covered with mound of earth and rubble. Should give a nod to the mysterious builders of this facility, for 5000 years, the roof is almost not leaked and is moisture still.

Inside the chamber are preserved a large floral bowl, and the walls are carved niches decorated with stone carvings.

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