Sélestat (Selestat)
Sélestat (Selestat) is a beautiful and interesting town of Alsace, which is considered the cultural capital of this picturesque region. There are so many attractions that it can rightly be…

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Malta is a country situated on the Islands of the Maltese archipelago. The Maltese archipelago includes the inhabited Islands: Malta, Gozo (Gozo) and Comino; and a number of uninhabited tiny…

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The Grandeur Of The Colosseum

The grandeur of the Colosseum the Colosseum is the most powerful and great architectural work in Rome for many millennia. Before this structure was called the Flavian amphitheatre. In the future, this Grand building called the Coliseum, which meant &ldquo. The Colosseum was optimally functional building and was completed in the form of a four tier ellipse, the length of which reached almost one hundred and ninety meters, a width of about one hundred and sixty meters, and the height was fifty-seven meters. In the early middle ages a strong earthquake led to the partial destruction of the building . That’s the way was looted and destroyed the ancient landmark. Now, this Grand building is very popular with visiting tourists. This allows for a good imagination to mentally reconstruct the original appearance of the unique building and walk through the maze of entering the arena of gladiators, to see the cages of predators and to consider and present an ancient brutal world of the Colosseum behind the scenes.

In ancient times it was believed that who get inside of this building, you will certainly find happiness and confidence,and his life will be just a fairy tale, thanks to the miraculous forces of this Earth. Since ancient times it is believed that knowledge on the construction of buildings was first published by the knights Templar. When the knights returned to France, in Europe appeared in the early samples of the construction of Gothic structures . Figure 1 showed the emergence in the European part of the world the earliest Gothic architectural structures.

In Karelia there are numerous of the most ancient religious buildings that are found on the Islands of the White and Ladoga lakes, as well as in Belomorsky district and in the area of lake Onega. On the mountain Vottovaara scientists and researchers found about a thousand mysterious stone structures that ancient males used for their rituals and religious ceremonies. These structures are called Cairns, which means &ldquo. While traversing the territory he decided to pass near the stone structures in the mountainous area.

This Grand building strikes the imagination of tourists and researchers, reaching the top, and seeing this creature for a long time are under lasting impression. The height of this amazing building comes to two and a half meters.

The scientist claims that the whole universe consists of a huge number of inflated balloons which burst and give rise to other balls, that is, the various emerging parallel worlds .

With a completely solid implementation of an unusual alloy in the rock, an amazing metallic structure had no sheath that would protect it from the environment.

By that time, construction has become over the years very much dilapidated and the plaster fell away, but the lighthouse still performs its function.

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Perhaps it was created by aliens biorobot, which performs its function for the study of the earth civilization.

In 2000, in Okunevo, scientists, using current technology, at a depth of about fifteen feet, was discovered underground structure .

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