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Trypillian culture: where did the mysterious people?

Recently, the European archaeologists have dug up sensation. In Germany, Austria and Slovakia they have unearthed traces of an ancient civilization – a few giant churches. By estimations of experts, the mysterious structures about seven thousand years.

According to the official history, in those times on Earth, there was the Neolithic period. The Egyptians haven’t even thought about the construction of the famous pyramids. Remained millennia before the civilizations of the Sumerians. Have not yet known the wheels of copies and people lived in caves and worshiped fire.

And yet sweetalena culture can not claim the laurels of ancient. The record for the mystery and put the old civilization, born in the Ukrainian land. In General, for a long time the first civilized people were considered as the Sumerians. These ancient gentlemen lived in the third Millennium BC in Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq). Built cities, sculpted jugs, learned to cultivate the land, created the script, it seems, invented the wheel.

In 1897, archaeologist Vikentiy Khvoika conducted excavations near the village of Trypillia near Kyiv. His discovery was no less sensational and more ancient.

In the soil layer corresponding to the sixth Millennium BC, Khvoika unearthed some amazing things – the remnants of kamennyiy and agricultural utensils. The boundaries of the emergence of “economic man” was pushed at least one Millennium in the past, and found the culture got the name of Tripoli. But even more amazing fact was published in 1966, when archeologists discovered on the territory of Ukraine of a huge buried under the ground of the city.

The population of many of them exceeded 15-20 thousand people – huge by the standards of cosmetically ago figure. And the scale was striking: a scientist known Trypillian settlements up to 250 square kilometers. The area of the largest buildings sometimes reached 1000 square meters. Moreover, the Trypillians built wisely.

Studies show that all proto generated on the same plan. The house they were located close to each other, concentric rings, blank wall to the outside. The result is fortification. The distance between the “rings” was about a hundred meters of bowshot. And in the center of the city, as a rule, was a huge temple.

How could the ancient half-civilized people to create such a permanent structure, scientists are not clear to date. However, much more shocking another fact. Tripoli Grand city existed for about 70 years. Then they were killed in the fire. The fire was burning out, even aplasia breed. What was his reason? The answer to this question, scientists don’t know yet. Nominate the most insane version. For example, cities burned alien lasers from the spaceships. That’s just what they could have been angering harmless farmers?

There is another theory. Supposedly, farmers Trypillians were by no means harmless: in 70 years they managed to destroy the environment around the cities, and therefore were forced to seek another place to settle. Well, burning? Perhaps that was the ritual.

Be that as it may, the settlement of many thousands suddenly were taken from their homes, and soon settled in with lightning speed built town. So this people wandered almost fifteen hundred years. And then. disappeared. This disappearance is one of the greatest mysteries in history. According to some estimates, Trypillian culture consisted of up to two million people, and one day the whole crowd suddenly vanished into thin air. Where did the ancient Trypillians?

Versions, as usual, a lot. From the most insane (like, advanced pervolume, tired of Earth, set out to conquer other planets) to quite practical. For example, that the Trypillians had been destroyed by the changing climate. And the truth is somewhere in the early 3rd Millennium BC, replaced the wet weather came more arid. Farming with the same scope as before, it became impossible, and the first civilization on earth slowly ceased to exist.

There is another hypothesis. That representatives of the Tripoli culture left to live. underground. In the late XIX century near the Ukrainian village Belize-Gold archaeologists have discovered a cave called Verteba. And some ancient graves, pottery, all sorts of household and agricultural utensils. While scientists have surveyed only eight kilometers extensive underground tunnels Verteba. According to archaeologists, it is only a quarter of its length.

Another five subterranean settlements, specialists of the Institute of archaeology of NAS of Ukraine found on the South of Ternopil region. There now being excavated. Maybe soon they’ll explain what caused the Trypillians to go live under the ground and where this mysterious people disappeared then.

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