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The Cathedral of St. Sophia in Veliky Novgorod

In the history of Orthodoxy in Russia has always been a huge number of significant sites and majestic cathedrals. One of them is St. Sophia Cathedral in Novgorod, which for nearly a thousand years is one of the most important churches not only for the residents of this city, but for the great mass of Orthodox faithful throughout the territory of historical Rus. The magnificence and grandeur of the buildings, like the memorable images from the photo-film that makes you enjoy them again and again, regardless of who and how many times been in Novgorod.

It is believed that the Saint Sophia Cathedral in Veliky Novgorod was built by Prince Vladimir Yaroslavovich, who was the son of Yaroslav the wise. The exact date of construction ranges between 1045-1050 years, so very soon (in historical terms) the Church will celebrate a thousand years since its construction. Almost immediately after the construction of the building became a center of popular Assembly of city life. Its walls are of natural stone, which creates the impression that they downright had grown from the earth. Besides, thanks to this material, the Church managed to stand for so long remained almost the only monument of the Slavic architecture.

The Cathedral of St. Sophia in Novgorod is the classical cross-domed,its temple. Similar temples were built in Russia only in XI, and today, similar facilities are located in Kiev Polotsk. Immediately catches the eye are the three apses of the temple: a five-sided one in the center and two rounded sides. On the sides of the buildings are two-storey gallery, which, according to some researchers, appeared on the stage of construction of the Cathedral.

On top of the Cathedral is decorated with five chapters, and the sixth is located at the top of the stair tower, which is located in the West gallery. The entire structure is 27 feet long and almost 25 meters wide, and as you can see in the photo-versions dedicated to the Cathedral, it gives it a more monumental appearance. The temple walls have a thickness of 1.2 meters. The stones in its Foundation was held together with limestone, to which was added an admixture of pounded brick. One of the important features of the Cathedral are the ceramic vessels of a round form, which is placed in the main apse and in the sails under the middle drum. One end of the receptacles facing the interior of the building, so that even despite the impressive size of the Cathedral there is practically no echo..

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