Underworld. People who live underground
In twentieth century 90 years, the media leaked an interesting information about unusual findings, which found the sinker tunnel under the Tatar Strait in the middle of the century. In…

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In the Gothic quarter of Barcelona live white geese
(cat. Barri Gòtic, Barrio Gótico in Spanish) is the oldest part of Barcelona. It is located in the heart of the Old town. The old town consists of four neighborhoods:…

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5 most mysterious places of Russia

If you are interested in something unusual and during the coming vacation want to see the places that are fraught with something unknown, we can offer you a list of 5 such places.

A very popular place among scientists and curious enthusiasts is death valley in Kamchatka . About it it became known to the public about the thirties of the twentieth century, when there flowed and curious tourists. Death valley was discovered by the hunters, who noticed the strange behavior of dogs that later died. All animals that visit this place, start to wither, stop eating, lose weight and slowly die. The chain of death begins with field mice, which after the snow melts, remain lying there dead in large numbers. Mice in turn are attracted by the smell of larger animals that remain in the valley forever. More than a hundred scientists died trying to unravel this mystery, and only in the early eighties were able to establish that all events triggered by high content of powerful toxins in volcanic gas.

Joannamaria area in the village Molebka . which is also called the Perm triangle, is a place where tourists and thrill seekers from all over Russia. Once it housed a prayer stone yazycheskie that inhabited the hem of the river flowing nearby Sylva. This place anciently stirs up the people, the local residents observe strange phenomena in the atmosphere and mysterious creatures: Bigfoot, aliens, and other paranormally. This unusual village was famous in the eighties when local residents discovered here in the snow on the major trail of some creature, which was a length of about 62 meters. Molebka is well known among ufologists from around the world, but lately the crowds of tourists do not give to conduct any serious research in this mysterious place. Also there have been numerous cases of falsification of traces of unidentified flying objects.

Medveditsky ridge is the place where you see just a huge amount of unexplained paranormal phenomena: ball lightning, unidentified flying objects, in the woods regularly appear broken like matches, trees. Yet the most fascinating feature of this place is just a huge amount of lightning. Fireballs appear here punctually, they burn the trees, turning them into charred black skeletons. No less mysterious is the fact that in the ground, at a depth of about twenty meters, there are huge tunnels that were dug it is not clear who and for what reason. All these phenomena among local already had many legends who have entered the folklore of a worthy mind-blowing amount of material to study.

In the area of the mouth of the river Corvi in the river Angara near the small settlement of Ust-Kova is a place called the Devil’s cemetery . At the beginning of the eighties this place has become popular among fans of paranormal once in the journal “Technology youth” published an article about Ferris cemetery. It told the story of two shepherds who, during the grazing lost two cows. After that, they decided to find animals, and during the search found the woods in a huge scorched field on which lay the corpses of numerous animals and forest animals. Many linked the incident with the fallen not so long ago, the Tunguska meteorite and that meteorite was not actually a meteorite, but a huge flying saucer aliens. After about this place learned public, in Ust-Kova rushed the pilgrims and all those who wanted to find something unusual. Immediately went and of the expedition of ufologists who find this unusual clearing. Beside her unusually behaved compass and all the instruments, which once again confirmed the paranormality of this place.

A bad reputation is Vitimskogo and the area of the tract in the Irkutsk region . There are constantly missing people and animals, and the area is also famous for the fact that there was missing a few cars with weapons of mass destruction. Also in the area of the Dead lakes often see a strange glow, after which most often is observed the disappearance of people.

All these areas are quite famous, have acquired secrets, their stories the locals tell, but we must note one important fact: they were born in the days when the country was in dire financial situation and needed something to distract people from pressing problems. Many of the stories, to put it mildly, look very unrealistic and does not stand up to scrutiny. Most, if all these stories are fictional, but also more and embellished with human imagination, which is inherent escapism in especially difficult situations.

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