The Underground Reich
It was one of the largest, most ambitious and incredible projects in the history of mankind, Architects, engineers and various experts from design engineering Bureau of the Third Reich in…

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The bridges of antiquity
The first wooden bridges were built across the moat at Nicholas, and the Saviour of the Constantine-Helena gates(this was Bashkatova travel)and through the same ditch (with a width of about…

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The most mysterious structures on Earth

On our planet there are enigmatic and mysterious monuments of antiquity, which, although studied by archaeologists and scholars, but still cause a lot of questions and discussions. These monuments are a source of various myths, legends, various hypotheses and theories concerning their history, appearance, purpose for which they were created. Such places on Earth are many, but we will tell you about the most famous and mysterious of all places in the world.

The Sphinx at Giza

The Egyptian pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza . It may seem incredible, but the statue of the Sphinx is carved from a monolithic rock. To our time it remains a mystery how and who did it. It is also unknown and the date and time of the erection of this magnificent monument. Continue reading

7 great wonders of antiquity in the modern world

Have you ever wondered what are the 7 wonders of the world? Affects whether you have the talent and ability of people to create such things that seem beyond human imagination? If Yes, then I suggest you consider the 7 wonders of the ancient and modern world, which cannot cease to admire.

The ancient world

I’ve always been fascinated and admired what they were capable of our ancestors. Amazing how a man could think of to make fire with stones or warm yourself in bad weather, wearing the animal skin. If I had to be in the woods for three days, I would have never survived. I would die of hunger or poisoned poisoned berries, or simply would have frozen to death. Our ancestors were much smarter than me. Continue reading

5 most mysterious places of Russia

If you are interested in something unusual and during the coming vacation want to see the places that are fraught with something unknown, we can offer you a list of 5 such places.

A very popular place among scientists and curious enthusiasts is death valley in Kamchatka . About it it became known to the public about the thirties of the twentieth century, when there flowed and curious tourists. Death valley was discovered by the hunters, who noticed the strange behavior of dogs that later died. All animals that visit this place, start to wither, stop eating, lose weight and slowly die. The chain of death begins with field mice, which after the snow melts, remain lying there dead in large numbers. Mice in turn are attracted by the smell of larger animals that remain in the valley forever. More than a hundred scientists died trying to unravel this mystery, and only in the early eighties were able to establish that all events triggered by high content of powerful toxins in volcanic gas. Continue reading