Trench method of construction of underground structures
When the trench method otkatyvaetsya pit and conventional methods the Future is being built underground structure. After completion, the pit is filled with soil. When using this method provides the…

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Five most mysterious places of Russia
Since ancient times, people have attributed certain localities miraculous properties, granting them with an aura of sacredness or curse. In Russia, too, found a lot of places where there are…

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The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior

The idea for the construction of a Grand temple, dedicated to the victory of the Russian people in the Patriotic war of 1812, was born back in those days, when the last French soldiers left Russia. But only five years later, on 12 October 1817, on the Sparrow hills, the solemn laying of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. According to the author of the first temple, the architect A. L. Vitberg, a Church situated on the highest point of Moscow had to be visible from any point of the city.

The project of the temple of Christ the Savior foresaw the construction on Sparrow hills the monumental ensemble designed in a strict, somewhat heavy forms of Empire. The ensemble, besides the Church, consisted of a giant colonnade, slopes to the Moscow river, stone embankment. Continue reading

Gothic art

Gothic – the next stage in the development of medieval art, second pan-European style. The term “Gothic art” coined by Italian humanists to denote everything that is not related to classic, antique designs, i.e. in their opinion, ugly associated with complete barbarism.

The Gothic style that prevailed in Western Europe in the 13th-14th centuries became the Supreme artistic synthesis of the middle Ages.

A leading art form in the Gothic remained the architecture . but her highest achievement was the construction of city cathedrals, causing a feeling of lightness and spirituality . In contrast to the Romanesque Gothic Cathedral – city building – soaring he had dominion over all of the city’s buildings. The close connection of Gothic with the city has resulted in the fact that in the types of buildings along with cathedrals leading place took the building of exchanges, warehouses, customs offices, hospitals, etc. In the Gothic style built building, which housed the town councils – local authorities – the town hall . became a symbol of the independence of the cities. Continue reading

UK attractions: Gothic architecture

The Gothic style appeared in the second half of the 12th century in Western and Central Europe, where the dominant Catholic religion. The term was introduced during the Renaissance, to contrast the “Gothic” i.e. barbarian art, samples of classical Roman and Greek architecture, which was then considered the ideal. Mostly Gothic style was used in the cult, religious buildings, chief among which was the cathedrals. The Gothic style was the epitome of the feudal structure of the world, emphasizing the insignificance of man before the omnipotence of God, the king, the Lord.

Westminster Abbey

The space of the Cathedral filled with colourful reflections of light passing through the huge stained glass Windows, tall columns, sculptures, paintings on biblical themes — all aimed at emotional turmoil of believers. Continue reading