Barbarians: ancient samarians dismantle the mounds to decorate the house
Iconic stone buildings transported by Trucks, thus destroying the ancient Slavic churches preserved in the territory of the Samara region. Architectural monuments of more than 5 thousand years, and each…

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The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior
The idea for the construction of a Grand temple, dedicated to the victory of the Russian people in the Patriotic war of 1812, was born back in those days, when…

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When was built the world’s oldest dome

Even if you are on a date with Rome is only one day, do not rush to the Coliseum. Even if it is a symbol of the Eternal city, but the ruins, though giant. A much more interesting object for tourists round the Pantheon, which is located in Piazza Rotonda (Piazza della Rotonda).

In pagan Rome had many gods and each relied on his temple. Sometimes it was built the Pantheon, the temples, which served all the gods. The Pantheon in Greek language and means “temple of all gods”.

The Roman Pantheon, perhaps the most famous of all. It was built in the year 123 by the Emperor Hadrian. Built on the same place about 120 years earlier, during the reign of Emperor Augustus, was built another Pantheon. The construction of the first Pantheon was headed by the son-in-law August, an outstanding leader and the architect Agrippa. In homage to the great predecessor on the pediment of the new temple was placed an inscription stating that the structure – conduct Agrippa. Although the new Pantheon was a building absolutely new and absolutely innovative. But more on that later. Continue reading

Gothic architecture

As is often the case in art history, the term “Gothic” was initially a disparaging value. In 1533 Rabelais translated it into French, and a few decades later, Giorgio Vasari referred to him as “the style… characteristic of the Goths”, “ugly and barbaric”. On the other hand, already the medieval Latin adjective used gothicus was applied to the codes, the writing of which differed from scripture of Gotama (Roman writing).

Initially the expression “Gothic” indicated the Northern world in contrast to Latin and Mediterranean, a perfect guardian of beauty and harmony. You need to be in the middle of the eighteenth century to better understand this position, English and French art historiography tried to rethink the problem. 1797 G. James Hall created a theory according to which the Gothic was born out of primitive wooden structures of the ancient Germans.

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In the sea of Galilee found a mysterious construction

A giant stone structure discovered at the bottom of the sea of Galilee in Israel (the sea of Galilee and lake Kinneret).

The mysterious object is of conical form, is a pile of unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders, weighs an estimated 60,000 tons, the height is almost 10 m, a diameter of about 70 meters.

For comparison: the outer circle of Stonehenge is halved; the highest of its stones below 10 m.

Apparently, this is a huge tour, that is just a pile of stones. Such structures (much smaller scale, of course) are all over the world and sometimes mark the graves.

For the first time this structure was observed in the summer of 2003 during echolocating shooting South-Western part of the lake. Continue reading